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Finding MLM Leads Thru Creativity

By Rolf Rasmusson

Not too many years ago we found mlm leads the old fashioned way and we called it work. I'm not sure that's really changed except now the working process is a little different. We use our technology more today and bronze a lot less. Being creative in finding mlm leads however can be very productive.

The business partners I found that wanted to work from home while making money came from all walks of life. The first active partner I found had less money than me and we decided to pool our resources and energy to find those people that wanted to work at home.

We had 1,000's of business cards made and put them on car windshields at airports late at night. While doing that we had hundreds of signs printed (we posted them all over) with snappy little sayings and a 800 voice mail box with a pre-recorded message. You could leave your information at the end of the message and we'd call you back.

Needless to say most people wouldn't follow through once they found out that it was networking marketing because of previous experience or bad publicity they'd heard from someone along the way. We also handed out little 3x5 cards we had printed up in color's and handed them to people we found during the day at grocery store parking lots.



That resulted in handing out 100's per day. And again a little blurb about being a wholesale distributor associated with a home based business opportunity. Call an 800# listen to the message, leave your info and we'd call you back.

All this activity was pretty inexpensive and yielded lots of activity. The people that did respond on a positive note were invited to a business opportunity meeting at a local restaurant where my partner and I put on a hour or so meeting about our business. Gradually we trained others to do the same thing. Yes, in a way it was hard work but it payed off for certain.

Today people use computer systems to find recruits, do presentations, training, record keeping and sending out follow letters and even voice emails.

What an exciting time for affiliate programs, network marketing and the work at home jobs crowd. Online systems and a few bucks makes what we did look ridiculous. The time spend by us could have been cut down by 95% had we have had access to the modern tools of today to help us find mlm leads for our networking business.



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Good luck - live long and prosper!

The Perfect Options Team


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