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Telecommute! How To Bring Home The Bacon Without Leaving Home

By Vernette Carbon

Are you sick and tired of dragging your sick child to daycare because you can't afford to take another day off from work? Maybe you just want to skip the long, stressful commute to work or want to be able to work on your own time around your family's schedule.

Whatever your job situation may be, you’ve probably wished that your job offered flexible work schedules or the option of telecommuting. Well, if you have a 9-5 job that can be converted to a telecommuting job, you can make a case for telecommuting by creating a verbal and written proposal.

Despite the fact that your reason for wanting to telecommute might be personal, never let this be known to your employer. In your written proposal you must focus on the benefits that telecommuting would offer your employer.

Your telecommuting proposal should:

* State what potential advantages telecommuting would have on the company

* State what schedule you would like (i.e., telecommute 1-3 days weekly)



* Describe your alternative work site

* Explain how you would communicate with your supervisor, and co-workers

* Explain how you would be more productive as a telecommuter

* List what equipment you would need from your employer, and what equipment you already own

* Let your employer know how your dependent(s) (if any) need for care would be met

* Address any concerns that your employer might have

* Schedule to meet with your employer after performing your proposed arrangement to review your performance and to discuss whether this telecommuting arrangement is working or not.


Following is a sample telecommuting proposal


September 1, 2004

TO: Mary Lou, Supervisor

From: Vernette Carbon

RE: Telecommute Proposal

I am writing to express my desire to perform my job as Medical Transcriptionist in a telecommuting capacity beginning October 15, 2004. I’ve spent hours researching the subject, and I am excited about sharing the information I’ve gathered with you.

What are the benefits of telecommuting?

There are many benefits of telecommuting. Besides increasing productivity, telecommuting:

* Cuts the cost for office space

* Reduces stress and commuting time

* In case of emergencies I can take care of whatever problem arises and then work later on in the day instead of calling sick

* I can still work during harsh weather conditions

* Telecommuting can boost morale and help employees stay on the job.

* Improves the work/life balance

* Increases employment of women

* Increases employment of disabled workers, etc

These are only a few of the benefits that telecommuting can offer this company. Please give me the chance to prove these tremendous benefits to you.

A computer, printer, FTP, DSL or cable modem is all that I need to perform my job, and these are things that I already possess in my home office, and will use.

However, as a telecommuter I would need a subscription to the GoToMyPC software ( so that I can access my work computer from anywhere. I would expect the department to support me in acquiring this, and in making monthly payments to my DSL account.

Telecommuting programs have been working for companies like Virgin Atlantic, AAA, Cigna, Carnival Cruise Line, etc, and can definitely work for this company.

I would like to telecommute two days a week starting 10/15/04 for a period of at least six months. After six months, once this is working out, I would like to telecommute three days a week, with the possibility of doing this full time after another review of my performance.

I do have dependent care needs that will be met by a part time babysitter.

I know that you’re probably having concerns about off-site performance. If this is a concern for you, I assure you that you can monitor my productivity and performance off- site better than workers on-site.

How? Well, let me introduce you to Odesk Team. Odesk provides visibility into virtual cubicles of employees and remote workers.

Odesk ( offers web-based applications that create a complete view of each person, including a web cam to capture and see what they’re working on. So with the click of a mouse you can see work I’ve done in the past, you can verify logs, review work, etc.

After telecommuting for six months, on 04/15/05 we can sit down in a meeting to review my performance. At that time we can determine whether or not I should continue.

Enclosed please find several articles on telecommuting, names, telephone numbers, etc., of managers and employees that are enjoying the benefits of telecommuting.

I know that I possess the skills and personality necessary to succeed as a telecommuter, and will prove that to you.

I am really looking forward to this and believe with all my heart that this will be a tremendous benefit to the company, and all involved. Thank you for your consideration.

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Good luck - live long and prosper!

The Perfect Options Team


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