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What Do You Wish For?

By Cheryl White

My wish is to retire from work at the age of thirty and work at home on the internet.

Two years to go, and I believe it is a possible and hopefully will come true. Tired and weary I come home from work, get the chores done and settle down to work on the PC.

From a complete newbie six months ago I am learning fast and my first site is on page 25 of google. OK! I know you need to be in the first three pages of the search to do any good, but I am getting there slowly.

Linking is the biggest chore, but every one knows that to be successful, links are one of the magic words.

Keywords are another and they do require some research, Its no use adding any old words. Is your site a business website or perhaps health, or cookery etc.? Do your home work and search for those elusive keywords that will help your site, make sure your meta keywords only contain the keywords that you have placed on your website.

(New content) Your website is never complete, don't let it stagnate with just four or five pages and then expect it to get to no 1. This won't happen unless you are a very lucky person.



Ad new content and pages, build your website over time, ad items of interest. No they won't make you any money but they will keep your visitors on your site for longer, and who knows they might spy that program or ad and decide to go for it making all your work worthwhile.

Although you have a business website do not fill it with loads and loads of job opportunities or ads, give your callers something different, they will find your site more interesting and call back at intervals to see whats new.

Be prepared to read and visit forums for information, if you are not sure about something there are loads of tutorial sites on the web. You can learn about anything and every thing it is a mine of information as you probably know already.



work from home with telecom plus logo So how does someone decide which home business is right for them? Research is the key by reading honest articles from a variety of sources.  This web site seeks to collect a host of ideas and opinions on a variety of business ideas that your can read and assess for yourself.

Good luck - live long and prosper!

The Perfect Options Team


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