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Many new work from businesses seek lots of insurance cover for a variety of items such as office furniture, business insurance, third party indemnity etc. Depending upon the activity of your new work from home business a lot of this insurance cover is unnecessary in the early years of your home business.

The last thing any home business needs is a huge amount of overheads or expenditure. You only need to focus on the exact type of insurance cover that is actually required to meet your immediate needs, turnover and exposure to risk.

Architectural professionals for example often require Professional Indemnity insurance which can be enormous but vital.  A person running an affiliate online marketing business may not require any cover at all.  We all want to reduce risks but much of the insurance products on the market is unnecessary to the new home based business.

You may be purchasing a lot of new hardware for example.  Often your existing household contents insurance can also cover business articles for a small additional premium rather than a specific commercial business cover.


Many new work at home businesses actually require finance to get them up and running or to provide them an in income for the first few months until the home business is off the ground and self financing.  Most new home based business stand a better chance of success if the added pressure of servicing business debt or business finance can be removed.  Fortunately the initial outlay to start a work at home business is relatively modest compared to setting up in commercial offices for example.

In other words, it is always best to use your own capital rather than borrowing money in order to start up a work from home business. If people are unable to obtain the small amount of start up money required to start a home business then you may lack the necessary skills in the first place. However, business finance in the form of an unsecured personal loan for example could just be the catalyst necessary in order for that person to perform efficiently and competitively in their chosen field so it is not all bad news when obtaining business finance to start your own home based business.



Another form of business finance is credit such as using credit cards.  This really is high risk as this is possibly the most expensive way to borrow money. I would urge anyone not to utilise the credit facility of credit cards unless you know for sure that you have other money about to come in that will pay off these credit cards in couple of months.

Another form of credit that can assist new home businesses is good will credit or long terms for settlement of bills such as 90 days.  Many businesses are keen to obtain your business and they can offer very generous settlement terms that will help with your own cash flow enormously.

However, the secret here is not to abuse another business credit terms and to ensure that your own accounts are settled on time even if it means chasing the client.  Most business owners understand cash flow problems but all business will take advantage of lenient credit systems if allowed to do so.  Remember, building a reputable home business  for the long term is all about trust and service so never abuse it. If you are unable to meet certain credit terms with one of your suppliers then you must tell them and explain - they will appreciate being kept informed and usually extend the credit terms in order to help you out.

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