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Computers have changed everything over the last twenty years from how we do business to how we enjoy ourselves - it has changed virtually everything in our lives including how we work. There is hardly any home business that does not rely on a computer to some degree.

Cheap computers are now available from every high street, shopping mall and online shopping site. Dell is perhaps the biggest retailer in the world for cheap computers purchased direct online.

More and more home businesses are being created where the computer is vital for creating wealth. Cheap computers have allowed anyone with an ounce of motivation and applied thinking to create an online business. The business opportunities are endless with a computer attached to the web or internet.

However, simply setting up a web site and expecting online orders to flood into your home computer for instant riches is a fools paradise. Like any business enormous amounts of time and effort will be required to get your home business off the ground even with the latest technology of a super fast computer.



Computers can often be referred to as gadgets - especially those latest palm type of computers merged into mobile phones for example. Convergence technology is the latest buzz word within the gadget industry.

Manufacturers are falling over themselves to make the latest lightest and smallest convergence technology gadgets to cram into our high streets and shopping malls. Is this good for us? Early adopters who pay through the nose for such latest technology gadgets are vital in paving the way for more robust and cheaper gadgets for the mass market that will follow.

Home businesses are more and more reliant upon these gadgets in order to make their work from home business lives more efficient. Collecting email while on the move or utilising your gps mobile telephone to find your destination in super quick time are all vital gadgets in todays business world if you are keen to compete or simply require an easier way of working.


Many home businesses do not rely on travelling in order to make a living. Some work from home opportunities do rely on travel in order to make any money and this may well influence your choice of business opportunity selected.

If your home business does not rely on travelling in order to meet clients or customers for example then your are indeed very fortunate. The cost savings alone of not travelling in order to make a living must be of great benefit to any home business.

If you do need to travel then the cost travelling can be cut significantly by selecting economical and fuel efficient cars. Cheap travel on a wider spectrum is now available throughout Europe by the cheap air carriers such as Easy Jet and Ryan Air. These cheap travel flights have changed peoples lives over the last few years even for those with a home based business.

Many work from home businesses simply need a computer and an internet connection and as such this work can be completed anywhere in the world. Many successful work at home business now have second homes in Spain for example where they can mix and enjoy a great work life experience. Why be stuck at home on a grey rainy day when you can do the same work from your computer in the sun utilising all the cheap travel options on offer.


There is a general perception that sports in our lives is becoming less important. Certainly the participation in sports especially at the younger school ages is becoming less and we have seen this in the increased obesity in children.

However, armchair sports has exploded with the advent of selective sports related television channels from Sky and cable. This combined with the internet has created a vast industry of online sports betting.

Now a home based business can get a piece of this sports betting pie by becoming an affiliate to one or more of the many online sports betting web sites. To make this successful you do need have some online marketing skills and several web sites that are already well established and receiving high hit rates.

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