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Work From Home - Discussion - 11

Cheap telephone calls are now available to all home businesses. Many are bundled packages with internet provision. There are some great deals around for the work at home business that can save you money and increase profits.

Telecom plus offer great value multi-services for the home based business that can also include cheap gas and electric. Every business owner owes it to themselves to keep their overheads to minimum in order to retain as much profit as possible by having cheap telephone calls.

Paying through the noses for expensive telephone calls is no longer an option but many small businesses working from home are still paying high prices for their telephony.  Deregulation has now ensured that cheap telephone calls are available to everyone.



Mobile phones are now a vital part of any business even for a simple work from home business. Without mobile communications many businesses would not survive. Cheap mobile phones are now available everywhere and their ability to improve a businesses efficiency with the use of convergence technology is becoming a very important factor.

Cheap mobile phones can even allow you access to the internet from your lap top for example in order to keep your home business running while on the move. With cheap mobile phones you are no longer confined to your main home in order to operate your work at home business.

WIth call divert for example on your main home line, you can divert all incoming calls onto your mobile telephone. This technology alone can free you from your home office environment and give you a greater quality of life.

No home business has an excuse not to be more efficient or not to enjoy the freedom of travel by not having a cheap mobile phone. It really is a false economy not to utilise the available cheap mobile communications that is now readily available to all work from home businesses.


Another great technology is the advent of cheap freephone numbers that a home business can now use in order to attract a greater supply of sales.  It is said that a potential customer is 4 times more likely to call a freephone number than a standard land line or mobile telephone number.

0800 freephone numbers used to be very expensive only available from the main land line suppliers.  Since deregulation there are many cheap 0800 freephone numbers available from a variety of suppliers. Telecom plus is just one of them offering a cheap freephone number for just two pounds a month plus cost of calls.

A newly started home based business that relies on sales from the public can get off to a great start simply by having their own unique freephone 0800 number that diverts these calls direct to there own home business line.


The same principle applies to the utilities market. Gas and electric prices have fallen over the last decade due to deregulation. Cheap gas and cheap electric is now available from variety of cheap utility suppliers such as Telecom plus.

Keeping your overheads low in order to maximise profits is vital for any home business and as you work from home that needs heating and electricity, making sure that you are obtaining the cheapest gas and cheapest electricty is very important.

You have to use these services anyway so why not ensure that you are obtaining the cheapest gas and electric you can. Many of these cheap utility services are also bundled with telephony and internet services and some of these packages offer great value to the home based business.

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