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Work From Home - Discussion - 12

Running your own business and living at home at the same time could be described as an ideal wedding or a marriage made in heaven. Running your own business by working from home may not be an ideal wedding of these two uses for some people but for most people its a very desirable concept.

Why have to get up at 6am just to avoid the commuter rush and why simply sit in returning home traffic for hours on end each day just to find your way home from the office.  I really do not understand why people still do this. Even newly married couples just after their wedding start out on their lives with this silly and inefficient routine.

A wedding of work and home is not such a strange concept these days - even house builders are forming very useful studies or home offices within new build homes. The growth in home working over the last few years is a sure sign that the public are at last waking up to the fact that combining your work  at home really is an ideal wedding if you really do want to have a better quality of life with your family.



Conversely, some couples experience greater pressures when they combine work and home that can end in divorce. Although this is rare, divorce and separation is a reality form many married couples unable to organise their lives around the work at home concept.

Without proper organising of your work and home environment, the stresses associated with each element overlap and seem to interfere with each other. Many wives for example do not like the fact that the husband dedicates so much time to his home business that she feels neglected even though the home worker manages to help with a lot more household duties than most men on the 9 to 5 commuter based rat race tread mill with divorce or separation being the possible result.

With a proper organised work place and the realisation that most work from home business opportunities do not have regimented working hours and to enjoy the flexibility, then the pressures can me minimised and divorce or separation should not be the result.

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