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Cancer is a major cause of death these days and is growing. Many experts say that a lot of these cancer deaths can be attributed to stress caused by the persons work environment.

People who work from home by running their businesses are found to be at far lower stress levels than their 9 to 5 wage slave counterparts. Therefore, can working from home lower your chances of getting cancer? Very possible in my opinion.

You see most home business owners have a far greater quality of live with their families than doing the daily rat race by commuting an making profits for someone else. It must therefore stand to reasons, that by having lower stress levels  in their lives the chances of obtaining cancer are reduced.

High stress levels in normal work environments does not just contribute towards cancer. Heart problems is another classic cause of early death for those people allowing themselves to be controlled by a boss at their work. Becoming your own boss and working from home is a sure way to reduce these negative work issues and reduce your risk of obtaining cancer.



Another cause of early death and injury in the work environment is due to the excessive amount of time most commuters spend travelling to their place of work. We all take for granted just how risking driving can be especially in those lemming hours when all the commuters decide to travel at the same time.

No one wants to go to a loved ones funeral knowing that they simply died or got injured simply because of travelling to or from work for someone else's profits - it all seems so pointless.

So, if you want to avoid an early death or avoid having your family attend your funeral, then please do consider starting your own business by working from home. Remember, the best run home business were simply started part time in conjunction with full time employment and allowed to grow with a bit of dedication and commitment.

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