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Work From Home - Discussion - 14

Health and fitness is a vital part of any lifestyle these days for ensuring a good quality of life. Ignoring these issues will result in an early death or an unfulfilled life. Working from home with your own business can be a big part of your health and fitness regime. You see sitting in a car computing for 3 hours a day really is not that good for you. Why allow yourself the added stress of getting up extra early and fighting your way through other selfish car drivers simply to get to a place of work?

By working from home, you are also away from temptation of fast food which is another health and fitness negative to avoid. Nearby is your own kitchen where quick healthy and fresh foods can be produced by yourself as a welcome break or your supporting partner.

Within the privacy of your own home you can also combine exercise regimes or equipment for added health and fitness while you work. Within an open plane office you really are unable to do push ups on the floor while being put on hold for a telephone call - in your own home office anything to do with fitness is achievable without feeling embarrassed.



Going into the great outdoors is another fantastic stress buster. Not  just for the day but why not make a week of it - walking in the lake district or scuba diving in the red sea are just a couple of wonderful pursuits for enjoying the great outdoors.

What's that I hear you say -  you can't take the time off work? Well how about next month? - still unable? Oh, I work for someone else who demands most of your working year with token time off for a couple of weeks only - Why cant you take your work with you? - Oh...its not that sort of trusting business.

This little scenario is typical for most wage salves. Most work at home business are flexible enough to allow for time off throughout the year to enjoy the great outdoors for example. Some work form home businesses are actually able to take their work with them which allows for even greater freedom and flexibility. So why do so many people still pursue a job or career working for someone else? Beats me!


To make a success in home business do you swim against the flow or with the flow? In other words do you makes things easy or hard for yourself in business? Strange question but very interesting. Those who say swim with the flow for ease of life and to maximise distance covered may be losing out on opportunities and a chance to grow.

Any fish breeder will tell you that to grow a good healthy stock of fish requires a flowing current of water.  This forces the fish to swim against the current in order to survive. This in turn breeds large fit and healthy fish in a fairly short period of time compared to those bred in static ponds.  This is just the same when building a business.

By forcing yourself to go swimming up stream often reveals branch off avenues and opportunities that you may have simply just sailed past on the faster downward current. It also means that your business has to keep moving in order to survive which breeds good instincts and fast reactions for spotting those winning opportunities that come along.

A safe swim going along with the current from time to time can be useful for period of reflective thought  for example but never let it become normal otherwise you will eventually lose all your business muscle that you have built up fighting your way to sweeter water upstream.

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