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Work From Home - Discussion - 16

Getting a cheap new car has never been easier with the amount of research you can now do online to compare dealers prices for example. Regretfully many new home business start ups go straight out and purchase a cheap new car on borrowed money or cheap home loans on finance.

This is so stupid - why endanger the business in its early months or years by exposing yourself to unnecessary debt all for the sake of satisfying ones ego.  Many new people entering the world of self employment for a home business make this mistake of believing their own business plans and income or profit projections.

It is not easy running a business and its ten fold harder trying to get a new work at home business established for repeat orders from happy customers which is often the self propelling fuel that all business are trying to achieve for the long run.

So, buy a good cheap second hand car if you really need to using your own money first - do not borrow unless you really need to.



Having a cheaper car usually means paying for a cheaper type of car insurance as well which is a real benefit. You may even select cheap third party car insurance over more costly fully comprehensive if the value of the car is really low.

Obtaining cheap car insurance is really easy these days with lots of online car insurance brokers competing for your business. Comparing online cheap car insurance quotes is quick and easy but you must be wary of the terms and coverage included as it does tend to vary quit a bit.

You can even save an online car insurance quote within your own file so that you can return to the best deal without the need for re-inputting your details all over again which is a great time saver. Some cheap car insurance quotes give away free gifts for new customers but this should be balanced against the value and cover of the car insurance being quoted.

Some work from home businesses need to hire a car from time to time due to repairs or maintaining an image for example. Car hire has dropped quite a bit in recent years due to the massive discounts offered to fleet car buyers.

Spain is perhaps the one of the best places to obtain cheap car hire in europe. This is a useful thing to know if you are selecting a second holiday home to use quite frequently especially if you are able to take your home based business with you anywhere in the world. Why choose expensive car hire in France when better weather and value for money can be obtained in Spain.

Again, comparing cheap car hire rates is easy with internet access through cheap car hire agents like carjet for example.  I would always book my cheap car hire online rather than waiting until you arrive at the airport for example when you suddenly become a captive unprepared market.

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