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Business opportunities are offered all over the internet. There are thousands of them all claiming great potential rewards and easy ways to get rich.  However, most of these business opportunities are not that easy and actually require you replicating some sort of system in order to rope in or recruit someone else in order to be successful - Yes I am talking about the dreaded MLM. Can Network Marketing be considered as a true business opportunity? Not in conventional terms but MLM is not a conventional business.

The trouble is most Network Marketing recruiters simply fail to inform the candidate just what is actually involved - its called work an commitment applied on a regular and consistent basis.  Most MLM sales pitches for recruiting new members are over simplified and gloss over exactly what is involved in running the business opportunity.  They have more spin applied than governments.

Ninety five percent of all network marketing business opportunities will fail. This percentage has not really changed in decades and possibly never will. I still see the same old hype and tackie tactics demonstrated in various guises for these business opportunities for new and old MLM enterprises - they all seem to run on the same formulae of empty promises and half truths. You have been warned!



Any home business owner whether just starting up or long established soon realises the benefits of working from home.  The  benefit list is endless.  I have seen my daughter every day and not just at breakfast or bed time.  I have been at every school open day, attended every school concert and play. I have been their when she was poorly and help support my wife - even for those last minutes emergencies.  How many poor sad 7 to 7 commuters can lay claim to that degree of flexibility and enjoyment?  I really do enjoy my home based business - even the down sides have silver linings.

A successful home business needs rules.  Its needs to be separate from the main home environment which can mean a dedicated room or even the classic shed at the bottom of the garden. You also need an understanding partner and family that respects this space as your work environment that must not be interfeered with. If you do not physically split the work environment from your family environment one will affect the other or visa versa.

Another potential downside of running a home business is the longer hours a person can work and the ease in which it can be achieved. However, the great upside is the fact that these working hours are flexible and need not be regimented like the 9 to 5 mentality.  I have done my best work from 10pm to 4am in the morning in order to gain the free time for a days flying for example or go for a midweek break at centre Parcs with my family. Flexibility of working hours really does allow great rewards and benefits that can lead to a low stress long life.


The main reward of any home business is the income that it can generate. Working for yourself really does motivate your earning potential where your own effort directly equals reward. Not all home businesses will generate large incomes for their owners especially young home businesses. However, many work at home businesses generate what is described as passive incomes.  These are usually smaller monthly payments that slowly rise over time.  The beauty of these passive or residual incomes is that they are recurring monthly irrespective of whether you continue to generate any new work.  Residual income or passive income is usually derived by a commission from previous successful sales.

Many PAYE or people in ordinary paid jobs do not understand this income concept and dispel it due to the lower monthly payments compared to piece work for example.  However, what they fail to realise is that a residual income can be generated on a part time basis and can act as your own alternative pension plan. Building your own passive second income can be a real safety net for illness or change of lifestyles for example.  How would you benefit from an extra £500.00 or a 1,000.00 dollars coming in each and every month for life irrespective of whether your continued to work for it or not? - That's changed your attitude hasn't it.

However, what if I told you that to get to that level of passive income took 5 years of part time work possibly inputting 20 hours a week - would you be prepared to dedicate this amount of time over five years? - Most 9 to 5'''ers are unable to handle this concept and reject the proposition. Guess where the smart money goes - a further 50 years at £500.00 per month and slowly rising with very little further input. Don't you feel sorry for these 9 to 5 no brainers who are usually only 2 months away from being completely broke if they lost their jobs.

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