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Work From Home - Discussion - 4

Can your home business become your pension? How does a work at home business become a viable pension plan?

Strange isn't it - merging a home business into a pension plan - how can this be? Surely you work and when you retire the income stops?

The only real and safe pension plans are surely those offered in formal government backed schemes.

HOW WRONG YOU ALL ARE. Over the last decade a quiet revolution has been going on with ordinary people choosing to invest in other assets outside the tax efficient wrapper of the current failed pension plans.  Property has been the current flavour with buy to let but the headaches for most property portfolio owners has been immense with servicing debt, absorbing voids and removing irresponsible low life tenants with costly court action.

Many people have taken an alternative path to the property pension plan and formed their own home based business - many of which are only part time in order start building a passive or residual monthly income with one or two very safe and secure companies.

Quite simply this is where a monthly commission is received from previous sales  and recruitment of your team and their customers who are slowly building your ever expanding customer base until a critical mass is reached when you become unimportant to your own wealth creation. AND the money keep coming in month after month wether you work or not for the rest of your life - Now that's what I call a great pension plan - don't you?



People who run a home business often become obsessed by achieving money - lots of money. This narrow focussed motivation often misses the point of the whole concept and benefits of working from home with your own home based business.

Life does not revolve around the achievement of obtaining money. It takes a while to realise this fact especially when there are other people knocking on your door to receive their own part of your money pot.

However, once you have been side tracked from this money focus by a heart attack or near fatal accident or the loss of a loved one for example the penny suddenly drops on this money thing. Quality of life while we are on this earth is everything and obtaining money to live with is only a very small part of it.

That's why most work at home businesses are more able to adapt their lifestyle and working environments and to generate their own opportunities no matter what they may be in order to live a fulfilled and more balanced life than the person in an ordinary job or career. But to achieve this level of potential bliss we have to be conscious of the opportunities we have and how we can engineer them to fit in with a preferred and healthy lifestyle.  Working from home with your own business is one of the best systems we have to achieve this.


Most people who run their own home business are deemed self employed and as such must save for their tax money that will be due.  One of the biggest failures in any home business is the fact that people treat their gross income as spending money and fail to put money aside for the tax man.

Accepting this fact seems alien to most newbie self employed people who have been used to their previous employer drip feeding the tax man as they get paid.  It seems odd that the money that goes into your bank account will need to be split eventually and given away.  Most self employed people are very aware of saving for their tax especially when they have to write out two large cheques a year to the government.

If everyone was self employed we might have a revolution and not accept the continuing rise in running a government and the high waste and obscure funding that goes on with your money. Drip feeding tax away from your salary month by month de-sensitises you to what they are actually doing with your money.  Pay it in two lump sums twice a year by physically writing out a cheque is like piercing a boil - it bloody hurts.

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