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Affiliate marketing is one form of running your own home based business but is little understood.  I think most pro-active web site owners have experimented at one time with marketing a product or two from their web site using the affiliate marketing route.

Most people fail to make any money at all from affiliate marketing where they promote another persons product for a fee for a successful sale. Just like ebay there are a few power sellers who have a wealth of knowledge of what works and what doesn't - but this is not your normal success stories.

Simply pitting a piece of code on your web site and sitting back for the orders to role in simply wont cut it. Quit simply its a numbers game and better results come from lazer targeted clicks from a host of sources.  Even good marketeers still rely on a 1000 click through rate before a sale is actually made.

Many so called affiliate marketing Gurus are selling ebooks on how they achieved massive wealth and how simple it is to follow their  formulae tio instant riches. What they wont tell you is that in many cases you are simply re-marketing their own products and you are just part of their own numbers game in order to receive hits or click throughs. Tread with caution on affiliate marketing and simply treat it as a bit of fun or a learning curve for the first year before you can seriously cut your teeth on what is actually required to make the system work.



If your home business is internet related, the chances are that you have a web site that is dying for targeted web site traffic. Obtaining this traffic is reliant upon a number of factors that are all the rage within the current SEO world such as using proper key word phrases, making your web site robot friendly and building links with partner sites.  All this takes time and experimentation if you are to do this yourself without the help of SEO experts.

Much of the SEO advice out on the web  for increasing your web site traffic is also very contradictory but what is a fact is that it is always changing and what worked yesterday is deemed black hat illegal SEO today.  Search Engines are now getting very sophisticated with how they view a web site for determining its location within the search engine results pages.

Organic search engine results are still the vital and cost effective life blood for obtaining targeted web site traffic. Pay per click or advertising is very expensive and often ineffective so having a good highly rated web site is vital for an internet business no matter what it sells serves.

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