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Many work from home businesses involve property investing - not all home businesses revolve around the internet and a computer thank god. Many buy to let landlords with a property portfolio to upkeep simply work from home but they do run it as a proper business with records, inventories, schedules and constant monitoring to keep on top of it all.

Property investing is not what it used to be - now every man and his cat seems to own ann investment property. The bandwagon really has been well and truely ridden on this one. One major factor for this rise in property investing is the shear collapse and poor performance of many pension plans that has let joe public well and truely down

So, should newcomers enter the field of property investing for a home business if they are able? Well in my opinion its only viable if you have existing equity to invest and the mortgage is only 50% of the purchase price.  That way you may be able to manage the servicing of the debt and the voids. You must also take a long term view of at least 5 years.

Owning one property will not really form the basis of a sound property based work at home business but over time and with good luck, great property picking and clever engineering of the finance many people have built multi-million pound property portfolios but remember they also have multi-million pound debts that can only be serviced if they have tenants.

remember in todays market with the swamp of buy to lets out their, rentals have collapsed and tenants are very choosing with the abundance of properties to choose from.


Property refurbishment is another way into running a home business whether it be on your own properties with buy to sell projects or for other clients who come to you for your services. This is a very tangible business and does require a fair degree of skill - not necessarily building or technical skills but mainly management and communication skills.

Most good builders for example are mainly good managers and know how to co-ordinate and schedule trades for example. The secret with good property refurbishment for profit is to keep the structural works to a minimum and to only concentrate and invest in the works that actually matter by adding value to the end user or purchaser.

Property refurbishment is potentially one of the easiest home business projects you can start as even if you are unable to fund a new project, you can start on your own property and then move to another wreck and start again but this does require high degree of perseverance and an understanding family due to the constant mess and upheaval you will be living in over the coming years.



Building construction is a bit more advanced and although it is a business that can still be run from home, it is likely that you need a number of skills in building construction as well. Most property developers who are successful simply drift into it by opportunity.  Other property developers rely on planning gain to make any money which is entirely speculative but very rewarding for the schemes that are actually granted a Planning Approval.

Some property developers involved in building construction have come into it from outside the industry but often have associated skills such as finance and project management that they are able to transfer into building construction.

Building construction is very technical these days and nearly always requires the services of a professional building designer such as an architect or architectural technician.  These guys often have the best work at home business where all they need is a drawing board or computer work station and a telephone in order to conduct their business from.  There are a great number of building designers that work from home and if you have similar skills this is one growth area that should be considered for a home based business.


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