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Work From Home - Discussion - 7

Property development has been a massive growth area of home working with 'would be' property developers coming out of every television discovery home and leisure channel to the point of overload.  Yet even these no hope - no clue idiots have made money (on paper at least anyway) BUT it was all done at the cost of a high rising housing market. Most would have made more money by simply sitting on their assets for 6 months and doing nothing with the property.

Expert property developers seem to know how to make money from property even in a downward housing market because they know who their end purchaser is and what property they can purchase below true market value using a variety of negotiating techniques.

Most inexperienced property developers entering the housing market for property developing in todays climate will fail and either lose money or have to let out the property to ride the storm until market conditions improve.

Regretfully most inexperienced property developers let their emotions control the works and budgets and lose site of trying to maintain margins.  Property developing really is a high risk work from home business that you cannot really dabble in.



Overseas property is another opportunity for running a home based business but again requires extensive knowledge of your niche property market. Buy off plan was a popular concept for the greed mongers who sought the classic 'fast buck' easy money by exploiting a fast rising market and selling on before completion at a profit at the expense of the final home owner.

Thankfully all this was really just hype and 90 percent of these parasites got their finger burned big time.  Many have lost tens of thousands in retained deposits for non-completions and others have had to be forced to obtain huge unwanted mortgages just to follow through with the agreed purchase of their overseas property - I love it.

Too many people in this world look for short term opportunities and the snake oil sellers out their called overseas real estate agents exploit this greed to the full with hollow forecasts and unreal projections.

Owning overseas property is a real unique opportunity to make money in the long term. Current property hot spots are Eastern Europe but there are some real dodgy areas to be avoided that are still run by gangsters and thugs who will likely demand protection money from their new Western European neighbours.


One of the most hated but necessary activities is moving house. It takes so much organising with the potential for it to fall apart at every opportunity makes this one of the most stressful activities we can take part in.

No person in their right mind would develop a home business based on assisting people move home - Would they?

Let me ask you this, if you were a busy family with both parents working, 2 children demanding more and more of your time would you be thankful for a business to take control of the house moving arrangements.

Now I don't mean the actual removal lorry or people involved to actually move you on the day but all the preparation work of packing, informing statutory authorities, neighbours, friends, relatives etc.

There is a huge amount of known preparation work to be completed by the busy family that could easily be completed by a well organised person working from home.

I am sure there are already moving house specialists out their already completing this service locally for their clients. This must be a future growth area as more and more people become accustomed to out sourcing of their responsibilities as business does now.

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