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Work From Home - Discussion - 8

Home letting is now all the rage for people relocating in their business life but still wishing to retain the potential increase in value of their homes. Not so long ago, when a person relocated because of their job, they simply sold up and moved on but todays trend is to retain the property and purchase another in the new location of the work.

This is mainly due to the relative cheapness of borrowing and people living in high demand locations not wishing to lose their foothold from that select area. This simply demonstrates to me the amount of private incomes people now earn in todays professional career job market.

This is where the sole trader working from home can often lose sight of their actual market worth and potentially lose out in the fee earning stakes.

Although letting out you main family home can be fraught with dangers, it is a great way to sustain multiple home ownership at no cost to yourself and still gain from the rise in house values while you still own property as an asset.



On the other hand, buy to let was a great way to benefit from someone else paying the mortgage and household bills while you personally gained from the increase in value due to rising house prices.

The buy to let ability to function in the same way today is far less efficient due to the over-supply of rental property and the collapse of rental yields all caused by the joe publics demand to jump on the same bandwagon.


Home improvements is a great way to to earn an income working from home by the enthusiastic but dedicated DIY'er. Most busy families these days simply do not have the time or the patience to complete home improvements themselves.

The growth in the services industry for property maintenance has been explosive to say the least.  There are even home businesses now that simply do nothing else than erect flat pack furniture for lazy or incompetent homeowners.

As time moves on people are not versed in the normal practical skills of home improvements that would have been taught at school such as installing a plug or unblocking an external gully. Modern day 'yuppies' (yes they still do exist) simply cant be bothered or feel incapable of performing such simple domestic tasks.

They just want to throw money at the problem to make it go away so that they can resume their normal high life routine of working, entertaining, or going out.

This is a great business opportunity for the practically minded and good with their hands. I know of someone who installed an automatic bottle opener in a yuppies kitchen for £50.00.  It only took 2 screws and ten minutes but the skill came in locating the timber stud behind the plasterboard after the client had tried and left bullet holes all over the kitchen and gave up in  frustration.


Home furnishings are an important part of people lives these days all trying to follow the latest trends in American Fridges for example.  People spend thousands a year trying to maintain an image or lifestyle. Home furnishings has become the latest designer label to throw around the house like the latest must have BMW car.

Are we all sad chasing this image thing? Well if it was not for the weak willed, shallow minded individuals that make up most of the designer bar set who constant shout at each other over the loud Brit Bar music, then we would all be in a much worse state from an economical point of view.

It is this sought of irresponsible spending that makes the world go round and its all catered for in a self fulfilling advertisement merry go round form clever trick ads in mens mags to those tackie infomercials found on the flogging channel of your satellite TV.

When I see people purchasing useless tat I simply thank them for the tax they are contributing, the chinese workers they are providing a living wage for that additionally keeps them safe and sound in their own country. I love these compulsive spenders and you should too.

Home furnishings that keep reinventing themselves that enable people obsessed with their homes to keep restocking are simply subscribing to this formulae.  It is the constant turnaround of money within the economy that keeps us home based business in work for a lot of the time - don't knock it!


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