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Work From Home - Discussion - 9

Internet shopping or shopping online has been a huge growth area for most business including retail sales. Many home businesses have set up their own internet shopping for online sales selling a vast range of services and products.

Virtual stores have been created selling all ranges of products from home electricals to china pots. Working from home with this concept of online shopping is relatively easy and straight forward if your can design and maintain web sites.

You do not even have to have your own product or material to sell on line. Forming your own store online with other peoples products is a great way to earn a residual income. This is often called affiliate marketing and for a newbie will take a year or two to master.

There are several central resources for people to collect code to add to their web sites in order to start marketing their own online shopping mall. This is where retailers say what they have to sell and what you could earn in commission for a successful sale. Online shopping is definitely here to stay and it will continue to grow over the next decade.



Online auctions is another growth area for a work from home business. There are people on ebay making huge sums of money. Some of these online auctions allow to to market other peoples items where you can make a margin or a commission.

Working out how to make money from an online auction can be difficult to understand some of the complicated systems involved.  One thing that all ebay power sellers have in common is the fact that they fully understand their niche market they are exploiting.

A home business with an online auction can be very satisfying and can often be fully automated especially if you are selling software or e-books for example. Other home businesses selling on ebay online auctions sell small products that need packaging but again this can be out sourced to the main manufacturer or supplier you are marketing.


Home electricals such as dvd's, televisions, fridges, hi-fi etc. is getting cheaper all the time in relative terms. A lot of this has to do with mass production in China which is better better in quality all the time.

Exploiting the peripherals surrounding home electricals is another opportunity for a home based business servicing the need for cables, adaptors or MP3 files for example.

Many home electrical appliances are no longer designed to be repaired even by the service engineers due to the cost of labour versus the cheapness of the original item to begin with which is a great shame creating a throw away society.

However, this creates a great opportunity for a work from home business by selling on perfectly workable home electricals at car boot sales or from online auctions. Not every one is an early adopter of the latest technology. Most people just want the item to perform the task and not too bothered about having the latest look of model for example.

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