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Working At Home in Your PJs

By Judy LaMont

Talk about dreaming and working at home in your PJs…

Sandy and I were working the midnight shift, and we were trying hard to stay awake. That night was really difficult for some reason. Then someone came along and asked where was Mary in room 301. Well that woke us both up. Frantically we go searching in every room and all the stairways. Boy was that enough to wake up everyone. Well, guess where we found her, feet dangling out of the laundry hamper..with her head on the clothes and sound asleep.

We both laughed. But the reality was, when I was working in the everyday world, I spent a lot of time thinking that there must be a better way then help someone else make money and use my valuable time. After forty years of being a nurse and helping people, I decided that I could help people by working in my home. I remember when the Internet first came about and how fascinated I was with the concept of being able to reach the whole world with just the click of the mouse.

Do you remember when you could go somewhere and not hear anyone talking about emails and websites? It seems such a short time ago, but for myself, it became my way to work in my PJs. How about you? Is that what your are wanting to do?

If your work is changing and you are feeling like you want to work at home in your PJs, it is likely that you are trying to figure out how to make that transition.

If you’re not yet sure that it’s time to make your move, consider these questions:

1. Are you finding it difficult to go to work everyday, drive the traffic rush, feeling like you are losing time with your children, or simply just missing out on your own time and freedom?

2. Does your work atmosphere enhance or detract from your lifestyle that you wish?



3. Do you have a plan that will allow you to say goodbye to your JOB? Or are you stuck without a way out in the next few years?

If the writing is on the wall that it is time for you to consider a move and decide what you want to do, consider these options before your start trying to figure out what you want.

Try writing out the reasons as to why you want to work at home. The reasons as to why people start their own businesses vary and it has to be what it important to you and not to anyone else. Here are four very important questions that you will want to answer before you would want to start any planning.

1. Why do I want to start my own home-based business?

2. What are my goals this year, next year, 5 years from now?

3. What commitment am I willing to make for my home-based business to succeed?

4. Have I considered how my family feels about my desire to start my own business?

These seem like very simple questions but they are very key to you understanding the whys that you would want to consider moving to your home business.

If you would ask me the question, “Are you glad that you are work in your home?” I would answer.. “Absolutely”.

So, go to the questions that I gave you and spend some serious time with yourself and answer them honestly. It will give you a very good sense of direction as to moving forward in your own business or staying in your JOB. We call that JOB (Just Over Broke).



work from home with telecom plus logo So how does someone decide which home business is right for them? Research is the key by reading honest articles from a variety of sources.  This web site seeks to collect a host of ideas and opinions on a variety of business ideas that your can read and assess for yourself.

Good luck - live long and prosper!

The Perfect Options Team


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